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The FIND A FOSSIL Sand Puzzle was originally designed for a New York City Science Museum by artist J.E.Moores. After years of watching excited kids interact with the FIND A FOSSIL, he now offers this handmade educational toy to everyone who loves digging for dinosaurs and fossils.

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Join the dig with the FIND A FOSSIL Sand Puzzle. Junior Paleontologists ages 5-75 will enjoy this simple timeless toy at the beach or in the sandbox. An excellent activity for dinosaur theme birthday parties. Parents: bury the fossil pieces, kids dig 'em up, and then they put it all back together.

Huge 24 x 12 inch dinosaur fossil when complete. FIND A FOSSIL is a 10-piece puzzle made of clear amber and opaque black urethane plastic that is virtually indestructible. Each FIND A FOSSIL comes with the 10 piece puzzle, and 50 feet of FIND A FOSSIL Caution Tape to mark your dig site.

Only 2 Puzzles left - $150 each.


Dear Jay,

We were so excited to hear from you this summer about this dino puzzle. Maria and Ronnie have retired, but I can’t wait to tell them about our newest acquisition. We needed something new to add a little “wow” to our lesson and I think this is a perfect fit! Believe it or not we still have the original castings you made. We had to split them up for 2 different sand boxes so we were unable to create a dino with them which is something the children inevitably tried to do! As a museum educator I am very excited to share this with the rest of our group and begin using them. Thank you so much! I was blown away by the fact they arrived today. Best of luck with your ventures.

Robin Brancato
Staten Island Museum

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